I most definitely live up to my name, I am quite pale. Not sure if this is just a girl thing, but if I see something on a tv show, say a shirt an actor is wearing or I really like their hair style, I immediately look to Google to find out where to get it or how to do it. Well, since summer is here and I don't want to look like a vampire when I go outside, I thought "I wonder what kind of self tanner Kacey Musgraves uses?" Off to Google I went, and ended up finding THIS Lucky Magazine article that dished some of here beauty secrets. Man, how did we ever function before Google?

Speaking of Kacey, she's on the cover of Billboard magazine with her pal Katy Perry. They'll be teaming up on June 13 for their episode of CMT's Crossroads, here's a behind the scenes interview from that cover shoot: