Spring Break is near and that also means that SXSW is upon us. I've done SXSW (South By Southwest- the music, film, & interactive festival that takes over downtown Austin) many a time, even got the tshirt (for real, I was a SXSW volunteer so I had an official tshirt that I have since lost). If you're like me and you don't feel like fighting the crowds for some free tacos, free booze and the opportunity to see Lady Gaga play a show on a giant vending machine (it's happening), I bet Couch By Couchwest is more your speed.

CXCW came from the brilliant minds of a few music fans that were a little bummed they couldn't catch their favorite bands playing SXSW because they couldn't be in Austin that week. Thanks to the internet, they were able to get the bands to come to them via video performances. That was 2011, now in 2014 it's become a fun way for bands (even bands playing SXSW) to get their music out to a new audience. And of course, the best thing about CXCW, there's no hipsters (unless you consider yourself one), the official beer is whatever is in your fridge, there's no lines and NO STINKIN' BADGES!

And if you're still not sure of CXCW's awesomeness, it *may* have inspired Darius Rucker to record "Wagon Wheel".

Here's one of my favorite videos from a previous CXCW featuring my pals American Aquarium (who are official SXSW artists this year AND will be playing in CS in a few weeks). Enjoy!

*note, the song's now called "Burn. Flicker. Die"