29% of Americans Like Doing Their Taxes . . . and 5% Love It?


Even if you think you're getting a refund, the process of doing your taxes is still a huge pain.  So who ARE these people?



In a new survey, 29% of Americans say they LIKE doing their taxes . . . 5% take it even further and say they LOVE doing their taxes.  That adds up to more than one out of three people.



29% of people say the reason they like doing taxes is because they're getting a refund.  13% say they like doing it because it's their duty as Americans to pay their fair share.



30% of people say they dislike doing their taxes . . . and 26% say they HATE it.



But only 5% of those people say they don't like taxes because they have to pay too much.  The main reason is that taxes are too complicated or time-consuming.