Country Quiz: Who Said? "Working Out Is A Passion of Mine. This Job Is More Than Just Singing."


"Working out is a passion of mine.  This job is more than just singing."


A.  Kenny Chesney


B.  Brantley Gilbert


C.  Carrie Underwood


D.  Brett Eldredge


E.  Miranda Lambert


F.  Tim McGraw


ANSWER:  D.  BRETT ELDREDGE.  He adds, quote, "You've got to stay healthy because being on the road is hard on your body.



"I do a lot of stairs.  When I was touring with TAYLOR SWIFT and we were playing those big giant arenas, I'd go in early and run the stairs.



"I do a lot of high-impact cardio and then go hammer out the weights, when they are available.  When they aren't, I use this great 100 push-ups app.  I also use a seven-minute workout app."