Whether you're a MusicFest veteran or this is your first year, chances are you're looking for ways to get the most out of your Steamboat experience. The fine folks over at Galleywinter.com have compiled a great list of travel tips to get you started.

Galleywinter's FAQs For MusicFest 

Now, once you get to the mountain is when the fun starts. This is my fifth year and after some trial and error, here are my Steamboat essentials:

  • Humidifier- Most condos have these already in the rooms or available to check out at the front desk. You want to use it, the higher altitude and drier air will take it's toll on you when combined with the late nights you'll undoubtedly keep. If you want to amp up the benefits of the humidifier, pick up some eucalyptus oil at the store or pharmacy and add a drop or two to the water, it will turn it into a giant vapo-rub to keep you happy and healthy for your vacation.
  • Proper Footwear- Your tennis shoes or regular boots may not cut it up there in the snow and ice covered side walks. I have busted it numerous times and invested in some good snowboots this year. I did run around in TOMS one year with no issues, but I wouldn't recommend them if you're planning on trekking through the snow. If you get cold feet, you will be miserable so keep that in mind, as well as the fact you will be standing for long hours at most of the shows (only the smaller venues are seated).
  • Hydration- As I mentioned above, the air is drier in Steamboat and you will be doing a lot of walking and possibly skiing (and drinking). Best bet to make sure you feel your best the whole time is simple as drinking as much water as possible. Trust me, more water early and often during the day will payoff that next morning after a long night of music.
  • Layers- It's a ski resort in January, so it will be cold. A majority of the shows are indoors so you're going to want to dress right for the walk to the venue and then the couple hours you will be spending in the crowd enjoying the music. The Grand Ballroom occasionally has a coat check, but everywhere else you'll have to hold it if you don't wear it, so keep that in mind. Best bet is jeans, a tshirt, thermal or button down and coat. 
  • Food- Most condos have a kitchen, so make use of it. It's fun to get everyone together and eat one meal as a group, you'll recount the awesome show you just saw or tell them about how you just ran into your favorite musician standing in line for the ski lift. As far as getting that food, there are grocery stores in town and a shuttle that will take you to them. But remember, more than likely you will buy way more food than you need. My advice on that is most condos are for 4 people, so when you go to the store, have each person be in charge of one dinner. You will have leftovers, so that will cover lunch each day. Spaghetti is always a smart bet, as well as chili or stew. Think foods that are easy to make and easy to reheat and don't take a lot of ingredients. And you're going to want to buy lots of snacks too, but unless you're already the type that eats a lot of snacks through out the day already, I'd resist that urge. That's just more food you're leaving for housekeeping if you don't bring it home with you. And factor in you will want to eat at least once at one of the amazing restaurants on the mountain (lots of great food options, my personal fav is Slopeside-amazing pizza!), and you never know who you will run into as well.
Let me know what your MusicFest travel tips are, share them on twitter with the hashtag #aggie96mf or on the Aggie 96 Facebook page. Best tips get will get a CD prize pack!