Randoms-Trending-#QuarantinePillowChallenge, Drive-by Baby Showers & More!

This is awesome …A man in Ireland has been projecting old movies on the side of a house so that the neighborhood can watch together. Scott Duggan of Cork put the movies up and broadcast the signal on FM radio so his neighbors could all watch and listen together. And not only did it bring the neighborhood together and put a smile on lots of faces – it also raised money for charity. (Twitter)

Drive-by baby showers ...With celebrations and gatherings being canceled or postponed, people are getting creative with their ways to still honor these events. The latest trend? Drive-by baby showers. Family and friends are driving decorated cars past the mom-to-be’s house, honking and shouting words of love and support from rolled-down windows. Sure, it’s not the same as a traditional baby shower, but it still gives these expectant moms the love, support and comfort they need right now. (The Stir)

Looking for love in the time of coronavirus …A New York City man is advertising for love the old-fashioned way … by posting flyers along city running paths – including Central Park. The man, who only identifies himself as Brad, aka SteadyMan4U@gmail.com, says he is “seeking a girlfriend for coronavirus and beyond.” Brad describes himself as a “healthy, attractive, well-employed man” who’s looking for “germ-free monogamy.” Interested? According to the flyer you need to be “healthy, fit, and clean.” Oh, and to prove he’s not just a COVID creep, Brad tells the New York Post he’s prepared to start with “six-foot-apart dates.”

What’s a fashion influencer to do when forced to stay inside? Create dresses out of pillow cases, of course. The latest social media trend is the#QuarantinePillowChallenge. All you need is a belt and a pillow to style your own dress. Obviously, you can accessorize as you see fit. Just be sure to add the#QuarantinePillowChallengehashtag to your photo. (Pop Sugar)

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