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Chase Rice Bets "Eagles All Day" For Super Bowl LVII

2022 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Broadcast

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Country Star Chase Rice talks about his new album "I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell" and as a former D1 football player say "Eagles" will win the Super Bowl.

Rice is heading out on a solo tour this year and is coming to The Roxy in Atlanta on April 22nd. He's got a whole new album of hit songs to show off to fans and it's one of the deepest albums he's ever written. When he got injured in college and his NFL dreams fell apart, Rice says "[music] really is what I fell in love with and it was the same time my Dad died", he told Moote, Kimmie, and Otis.

Rice never addressed those feelings of loss in his music until this album, that came out today. "He was the best... I miss him everyday", he said of his father. "This is certainly music he'd be proud of," he shared with MKO.

Rice also addresses mental illness with respect to a friend who "almost killed himself... but he didn't because his dog came and put his head on his lap, so he didn't". 'Bench Seat' is the song and video that shows the struggle of someone struggling with depression.

Moote asked about the title 'I Hate Cowboys' and Rice said it was an idea by Hardy and the idea was, "cause their better at your game and they'll steal your girl," he joked. "You don't wanna go up against one, but if you do be ready to lose."

He said he's excited on his "Way Down Yonder" tour to play the new record top to bottom and he's excited to have the opportunity to do so without having to open for someone else.


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