Snoop Dogg & Blake Shelton Team Up On Peacock's Sunday Night Football Final

An unlikely duo...but on so funny. Blake Shelton and Snoop Dog talking football the past "Sunday Night Football Final" on Peacock!

Snoop and Blake are no strangers. They both were a part of 'The Voice' when Blake was a judge and Snoop came on as a Super Mentor on the show. As far as upbringing, the two couldn't be more opposite. Blake grew up on farms and pastures, while Snoop grew up in the gang life of Long Beach, CA. Fate bringing together at this moment was EVERYTHING we didn't know we needed. The two broke down some of the best & worst moments from 2021-22 NFL season in "Snoop's Doghouse".

They covered some hilarious bloopers of the season including botched plays, Jersey malfunctions, and even wild animals landing on people's heads.

He recently had Jamie Foxx on to co-host too and that was even funnier. But I'd love to see Blake And Snoop just do a full-on show together!

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