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Bryan Asking Residents Input On Curbside Recycling

The city of Bryan is encouraging residents to fill out an online survey about its recycling programs. The survey asks a variety of questions including if residents would consider paying three to four dollars extra a month for curbside recycling.

According to city officials, more people have filled out the surveys and are showing interest in the possibility of curbside recycling.

Becky Alter, who's lived in Bryan for 20 years, said she pays extra for Brazos Valley Recycling to come pick up her materials every other week.

"I have been doing it for a few years, and I want to make the environment the best it can be because people create a lot of trash," said Alter.

For others, like Suzanne Phelps who takes her recycling to the the Bryan Recycling Center, she thinks it would be easier for curbside recycling to come to her city.

"If we go to Walmart to drop off our recycling then we have to have it in separate containers and so forth so that's a little bit of a hassle but I think it's important so I still do it, it would just be better if we had that choice like College Station does," said Phelps.

Alter said if the city would implement the curbside program it would end up saving her money.

"I am all for it because it would be way cheaper than what I am paying now, so I'm happily surprised that more people are getting interested in it," said Alter.

"I think if people had that opportunity and knew that someone was going to take it away for them they would do it," said Phelps.

City officials said they are hoping to get more people's feedback so they can better improve their recycling and encourage others to do their part.

If you want to have your voice heard a link to the survey is available HERE

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