READ: Dog Siblings Reunited After Hurricane Harvey


When Hurricane Harvey disrupted the lives of many people in Texas last year, it also disrupted the lives of many dogs. Many of those dogs were rescued and shipped to families across the country.

Two of those dogs -- named Daegyeon and Ollie -- were shipped to families in two different states, New York and Alabama.

Without knowing each other, the families that took in these two dogs both had the dogs take a special DNA test that helps owners recognize potential allergies and other health concerns.

With both sets of DNA in the system, a data scientist realized that Daegyeon and Ollie were from the same litter. They were brothers!

The company was able to deliver the news to both families, which inspired them to get Daegyeon and Ollie together again for a visit.

And since that visit, the families have kept in touch with photos and news of the brothers frequently. So while they continue to live apart, they still share a unique connection.


Lee France

Lee France

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