READ: The 5 Thanksgiving Etiquette Rules You Need To Follow

Being invited to Thanksgiving dinner is an honor. Don’t blow it.

Here’s a rundown of some important Thanksgiving etiquette rules that will make you look like a champ, not a chump:

  • Salt and Pepper - Pass the salt and pepper together. Always. Even if someone just asks for the salt. Or the pepper.
  • Wait for the Signal - The meal begins only when the host or hostess unfolds and places the napkin on his or her lap.
  • Cut Slowly - While you might be excited to grab your fork and knife and dig in, you’ve got to show some restraint. Cut only one piece at a time before eating it.
  • Refill Other Glasses First - If there’s wine at the table and your glass is empty, refill the glasses of everyone around you before your own, even if those other glasses aren’t totally empty.
  • Wait to ask for seconds. Make sure there's enough to go around before you go back for more. 


Lee France

Lee France

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