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A little kindness truly goes a long way.

When a homeless man named Bobby was in downtown Rome, New York, he met a police officer named Aaron Page. He and Aaron had a little chat in which Bobby mentioned how much he needed a hot shower and a haircut. Then, the officer had the perfect idea.

Officer Page told Bobby to come back to the police precinct the next day for some special treatment.

What followed was absolutely inspirational — Bobby never expected all of this just for him.

In the video below, posted on April 25, 2017, Bobby enters the police station and receives the ultimate transformation.

Officer Page and some fellow policemen offer the homeless man a place to shower and some clean clothes to change into afterward. Next, the cops begin the most significant part of Bobby’s complete makeover: They give him a fresh haircut, with  a clean shave to match.

After seeing his brand-new look, Bobby can’t thank the officers enough. While the grateful homeless man is down on his luck, he is overjoyed to feel like a new man thanks to the extended generosity of the Rome police force.

Check out the heartwarming video below to see Bobby’s complete transformation. He looks so different now!

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