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What would you do for 100 bucks? Chances are, not much. For example, if someone asked you to eat a can of dog food for $100, you’d likely say no, it’s not worth it. But what if the stakes were higher? What if it was $1 million? You’d probably eat it with your hands and ask for seconds.

So, what would you do for $5 million? Maybe the question should really be, what wouldn’t you do for $5 million?! Buzzfeed surveyed readers to find out what they would be willing to do for $5 million. Do you agree?

"Would you eat a large live cockroach every day for the rest of your life?" Only 27% of people said they would eat a cockroach a day for $5 million.

"Would you serve five years in a maximum security prison for a crime you didn’t commit?" 71% said no way.

"Would you star in a porn video?" 68% of people said nope. What if you could choose your co-star?

"Would you quit the internet for the next 15 years?" 54% said no way.

"Would you eat only plain oatmeal for all three meals for the rest of your life?" 78% of people said nope, they wouldn’t do it.

"Would you redo first grade through high school again as an adult?" 56% of people said they’d do it!

"Would you cut off the thumb on your dominant hand?" 86% said no.

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