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Waitress Is A Struggling Mom Of Four, Then She Looks Down And Sees The Tip

Last year, a waitress’ life was transformed in a single instant. Jessica Reboredo is a waitress and struggling mother of four children. Her husband Robert is currently fighting for his life as he battles cancer.

The situation was so dire, Robert had to be flown from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Now Jessica must travel miles to see her husband, who desperately needs her by his side. She has even gone so far as sleeping in her car because she can’t afford a hotel when she visits him.

What Jessica doesn’t know is that she has a guardian angel. Her former second grade teacher, Kimberly, always noticed how sweet and kind Jessica was. The teacher kept in touch with Jessica and has become a second mother figure to her.

Kimberly contacted the Fox 5 Surprise Squad to see if they could do anything for the struggling mother in her time of need. No one expected them to go this far.

During a regular day of work, hidden cameras were placed throughout the restaurant. As Jessica waited on tables, she was stunned when each customer began to leave her bigger and bigger tips. First there was a tip of $200, then $300, then $500, and then $1,000.

That still wasn’t enough.

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad revealed that they were in on the surprise, and that there was still more to come. On top of the $2,000, they gave her an additional $10,000.

Jessica was in tears, but there was more. She was also given a car to commute back and forth to see her husband, and hotel accommodations were made for when she is there. See the emotional surprise below.

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