We Answered FAQs About Show Happenings & Personal Events

Fans write in many questions to The Bobby Bones Show's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and texting line. Several times listeners have more questions based on things that have happened on the show, or follow up questions after certain situations.

So every so often we gather all of the questions and answer them for all to hear. These are FAQs taken from all of our platforms.

  • How does Bobby decide what questions to ask artists? He has a piece of paper with prep done by producers and himself. He uses these to start the conversation, but then ultimately tries to just ask questions based on how artists answer.
  • When do the drafts come back? Bobby said they're putting together good categories and plan to start back up in February.
  • Can we get a Friday Morning Dance Party Playlist or mixtape? Yes, there is already a playlist that's free for any to listen to on iHeartRadio here.
  • Did Amy or Lunchbox get the house they were fighting over? No, neither one of them put bids on it. Amy and her husband decided to not move right now after they got their kids into another school, and Lunchbox says it just hasn't happened yet.
  • How much money was raised with the St. Jude photoshoot? Around $50,000.
  • Does Mike D feel like he can propose now that Raymundo has? Mike D says that he has been looking at rings, but he and his girlfriend have not talked about getting engaged yet.
  • Does Bobby have a girlfriend? He told everyone "no...technically" but hinted that he may be seeing someone casually.
  • How is Bobby able to vote for all of the awards shows like The Grammys and Oscars? He says he really doesn't know. One day was just added, one of the groups he is a paid member of.
  • Was Bobby ever interested in Amy pre-husband? Bobby and Amy both agreed there wasn't any period of this. Amy's husband has always been in the picture even when Bobby and Amy first met.
  • Are Amy's kids liking their new school? Yes, they love it.
Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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