HOA is Against Kids Playing In Their Front Yards

Jed Peters and his family had only lived in their new Granite Bay, California home for around two months when they got a letter from their homeowner’s association with a strange request. The HOA asked the family to stop letting their kids play in the front yard of their own house!

“We have received several reports from homeowners who have almost hit your children while they have been playing in the streets,” the handwritten note on the letter reads. “Please have your children play in your backyard or at Gina Park.”

But Peters says this can’t be about his kids’ safety because there are several other families in the neighborhood whose kids play out in their front yards and ride their bikes on the streets there. Thankfully, once he posted the letter on social media, lots of his neighbors showed their support and agreed that’s it’s ridiculous and unnecessary.

“We had over 75 positive responses from our neighbors,” Peters says. “They said we want kids out front, not playing video games.”

An anonymous member of the HOA board has admitted that there are no written rules against kids playing in the street and she says “the letter wasn’t worded correctly.” So when the board has a meeting soon to discuss the letter, the Peters family hopes this will all be resolved quickly. And we hope those kids keep playing outside in the front yard and have a blast doing it!

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