Robber And His Victim Form Unlikely Friendship

To say that Blake Walker and Tristen Gibson's friendship is "unlikely" is an understatement, to say the least. Back in February 2013, Gibson began her job as a cashier at a gas station in Port St. John, Florida and just nine days in to the new gig, Walker came in and robbed her at gunpoint. Walker, who admits to being an addict at the time, was arrested and spent three years in jail. 

When he was released, he moved to his family's farm in Mississippi, but Gibson was able to find him on Facebook and had no problem giving him a piece of her mind. According to her, she had battled alcoholism but had gotten her life together. After Walker robbed her, she went into a tailspin and started drinking again. 

Here's where the story gets really crazy. Walker apologized, owning up to what he did entirely. Then, over the past few years, the pair have become "best friends." They talk daily, Walker in Mississippi, Gibson in Florida, and encourage each other's sobriety. “I think we were meant to cross paths,” Gibson explains. “Our higher power works in mysterious ways.”

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