Lainey Wilson Shares Heartfelt Tribute To What Makes 'My World Go ‘Round'

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Lainey Wilson is paying tribute to the things that matter most to her, including her dog, small town backroads, hard work and family. The award-winning singer-songwriter shared a snippet of “Live Off,” one of 14 tracks set to release on her highly-anticipated album, Bell Bottom Country.

“Here are a few of the things that make my world go around…I like to say they’re what I ‘live off,’” Wilson captioned with a heart. Her social media followers quickly became “obsessed” with the heartfelt song, even though they’ve only heard a brief clip so far. Over the weekend, the previous iHeartRadio “On The Verge” artist and reigning iHeartRadio Music Awards Best New Country Artist shared a rendition of the unreleased track on her social media channels, explaining again that the song is “all about the things that make my world go ‘round.”

Wilson — who marked a rare achievement in Country Music Association history when she received nominations in six CMA Award categories — includes “Live Off” on the Bell Bottom Country track list, which also includes previously-released fan-favorites, “Watermelon Moonshine” and “Heart Like A Truck.” The whole album is set to release on October 28.

1. “Hillbilly Hippie” (Lainey Wilson, Terri Jo Box, Jeremy Bussey)

2. “Road Runner” (Lainey Wilson, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson)

3. “Watermelon Moonshine” (Lainey Wilson, Jordan Schmidt, Josh Kear)

4. “Grease” (Lainey Wilson, Jessi Alexander, Andrew Petroff)

5. “Weak-End” (Lainey Wilson, Nicolette Hayford, Faren Rachels)

6. “Me, You, and Jesus” (Lainey Wilson, Emily Weisband, Dallas Wilson)

7. “Hold My Halo” (Lainey Wilson, Derek George, Monty Criswell, Lynn Hutton)

8. “Heart Like A Truck” (Lainey Wilson, Dallas Wilson, Trannie Anderson)

9. “Atta Girl” (Lainey Wilson, Dallas Wilson, Brett Tyler)

10. This One's Gonna Cost Me” (Lainey Wilson, Nicolette Hayford, Faren Rachels)

11. “Those Boots (Deddy's Song)” (Lainey Wilson, Terri Jo Box, Trent Tomlinson)

12. “Live Off” (Lainey Wilson, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, Adam Doleac)

13. “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” (Lainey Wilson, Trannie Anderson, Paul Sikes)

14. “What’s Up (What’s Going On)” (Linda Perry)

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