The 17th Annual Ziegenbock Music Festival

Ziegenbock Music Festival

Friday-October 18th@ 6pm

Aaron Watson   (Headliner)      9:30-11pm

Casey Donahew  (main stage)     8-9pm

William Michael Morgan    (main stage)     6:30-7:30pm

Jason Cassidy    (side stage)      9-9:30pm

Kody West        (side stage)      7:30-8pm

Kolby Cooper      (side stage)      6-6:30pm

Saturday-October 19th@ 4pm

Josh Abbott Band      (Headliner)     9-10:30pm

Roger Creager      (main stage)      7:30-8:30pm

Cody Canada & The Departed  (main stage)      6-7pm

Micky and the Motorcars      (main stage)      4:30-5:30pm

Jesse Raub, Jr.                  (side stage)      8:30-9pm

Jacob Bryant                     (side stage)      7-7:30pm

Chris Colston                    (side stage)      5:30-6pm

Buck Yeager Band           (side stage)      4-4:30pm

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