Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Are Reportedly “Very Different” Women

Rumors that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have royal beef with each other have been swirling over the past couple weeks. The stories got so bad Kensington Palace was forced to make a rare statement denying claims that Kate and Meghan are feuding.  So, what's really going on between the duchesses? A palace insider spilled all the royal tea to People, and, unsurprisingly, things were blown way out of proportion. 

"Wives do change the dynamic, and [Prince William and Prince Harry] have very strong wives," the palace insider revealed. "If you bring two independent-minded women from the real world into the royal world, they are going to want to have an impact."

Many of the rumors stemmed from the report that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will be moving out Kensington Palace in the new year. Some speculated that the "feud" was the reason the Sussexes were decamping to Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, the real reason is actually pretty more. The parents-to-be just want more space and privacy. 

"[The move] will be the best thing for all of them," a family friend told People. "Like Meghan and Kate, Harry and William have totally different roles. But the brothers will always come together because they are Diana’s sons."

As for the reported tensions between Kate and Meghan? "They are very different characters," the family friend explained. "An ordinary woman is not going to get to become a princess. There is a necessary strength of character and ambition and single-mindedness. It takes someone really strong. That is Kate and Meghan."

While Kate has had time to adjust to her new role as the future Queen of England, Meghan is still adjusting to royal life. The Duchess of Sussex is still figuring out what her role will be, so, "the most difficult job in the royal family is to work with Meghan’s ambitions and make them realizable."

With all these weddings and new babies, it's definitely an adjustment period for the growing royal family. It's no surprise they've experienced some growing pains along the way. They are, after all, a family like the rest of us. They just happen to be royal, too.

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