I wouldn't say that I have road rage, I naturally get annoyed at bad driving but not to the extant as some people I know. But apparently just down the road in Houston, they're a little less forgiving as I am about their fellow motorists. All the more reason to stay local I guess.

According to AutoVantage Vice President Rob DiPietro, who says Houston is at the top of a new a new survey of cities with angry drivers. Houstonians were found to be the most likely to see another driver cutting them off and for admitting they cut other people off. 

But that’s not all - they're also the most likely to be talking on their phones while driving.  Rounding out the top five of road raging metros: Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, DC and Boston. 
On the flip side, the survey also looked at where drivers had the best manners.  Portland, Oregon was at the top of that list, followed by Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco and Charlotte, North Carolina.