Is Bigfoot Hiding in Abandoned Homes in Detroit?


As you probably know, there are a ton of abandoned homes in Detroit right now.  And that urban blight could actually be a good place to hide, if you didn't want to be seen. 



That's right . . . we're talking about BIGFOOT.  According to one man, Bigfoot is taking advantage of that opportunity.


Last week, a guy named C. Brown was driving around Detroit with his wife and kids, looking for a place to move.  At one point they were passing an abandoned home, and saw something moving inside.  So they slowed down to take a better look.



Brown says, quote, "We see this hairy arm reaching out the window . . . then a whole body, looked like a monkey, only a big damn monkey.  Maybe about seven feet tall.  It had short reddish hair . . . a huge head like a triangle shape."



A website dedicated to reporting on creature sightings called "Cryptozoology News" interviewed Brown . . . and now they're sure Bigfoot is hiding in Detroit. 



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